Seth McBean

Image by J. Carter Rinaldi -

You've come to the About Page because you want to know a little something about me, right? So, here is what I think about...

I want you to be the hero in a photo.

I want you to look personable in a portrait.

I want your profile image to have impact.

I want your life to be better because we photographed together.

(guess I also want to rhyme all the time because it makes writing and reading fun... son.)

The point is, whether it is a headshot, a portrait, a single post, or a profile image, these kinds of photos are more necessary now in this digital-connection world. And if that's true, I want you to enjoy making them a bit more and not end up looking corny or phony.

I make photos with people as a way of offering dignity. My clients should always come away with a real and honest sense of pride about their photos after we work together. And I really mean that "work together" part. We cant possibly do our best work without powerful collaboration.

My goal is to influence (positively) how the world sees you and possibly, in some way, how you see yourself.

I also believe a good photo can be a reminder of just how awesome, confident, and badass you can be and doesnt everybody need that sometimes?

My name is Seth McBean and I am a commercial portrait photographer. I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and currently live in SG, Switzerland.

If what I do resonates, let's talk, let's strategize, and most importantly let's go to work!