Seth McBean

Image by J. Carter Rinaldi -

You've come to the About Page because you want to know a little something about me, right? So, here is what I think about...

I want you to be the hero in a photo.

I want you to look personable in a portrait.

I want your profile image to have impact.

I want your life to be better because we photographed together.

(I also want to rhyme all the time because it makes writing fun... son. 😉)

The point is, whether it is a headshot, a portrait, a simple post, or a profile image, these kinds of photos are becoming more necessary for all of us in the digital world and if that's true, I want you to enjoy making them a bit more. Furthermore, I dont want you to look fake or corny.

My goal is to positively influence how the world sees you and possibly (hopefully) how you see yourself. That requires a real connection and so that is always my goal whenever I pick up a connect with you so that your image will connect with the viewer.

I also believe a good photo can be a reminder of just how awesome, confident, and badass you can be and dont we all need that sometimes?

My name is Seth McBean and I am a commercial portrait photographer born and raised in the Bronx, NY and living in SG, Switzerland.

If what I do resonates, let's talk, let's plan, let's strategize, and most importantly let's go to work!